Drunken Pheasant

I was browsing through our recipe book this weekend and noticed our Drunken Pheasant recipe. It is so appealing, I decided it was worth featuring in our blog. This recipe is perfect with garlic mashed potatoes or rice and your favorite green vegetable. I enjoy preparing it for guests because it doesn’t keep me in the kitchen all evening, but tastes like it did! You can purchase whole pheasant online or at our Janesville Retail Store at 2821 South US HWY 51, Janesville, WI. Now, lets get to the good stuff-Drunken Pheasant!

1 MacFarlane Whole Pheasant, 2-3 pounds

1 T dark mustard

4 T Olive Oil

1 T rosemary leaves

¼ cup Scotch or Whiskey (wine will work)

¼ cup Pheasant Broth (chicken broth will work)

Remove the breast portions from the fresh or thawed bird. Then cut off the leg quarters, removing the skin. Pour the olive oil into a medium sauté pan, on medium high heat.

Coat the pheasant pieces with the mustard and place in preheated pan to brown. Turn over as browning occurs. Then add remaining ingredients to pan; cover and bring the liquid to a boil.

Reduce heat to simmer for 7-8 minutes, uncover and remove breast portions to a covered plate to keep warm. Keep the leg quarters in the broth allowing it to simmer for another 5 minutes until the broth is reduced to a nice sauce consistency.

Serve with side dishes and enjoy Drunken Pheasant from our free Pheasant Cookbook. Cherry cheesecake is a fabulous finish to this pheasant delight!