Bulk Boneless Breasts

I find that people are always looking for a bargain, a way to cut costs, or get a good deal. If we can combine delivery orders we can lower our rates, and our customers are happy. If we have a sale on chicks, our phones are active all day. People want a good deal. If I told you that you could get pheasant breast meat for about half the price that we normally charge, wouldn’t you want to get in on that? I know restaurants need to pay the bills, and the cost of the food they serve is one of their biggest expenses. MacFarlane pheasants has a deal for you. We’ve talked about this deal in an earlier blog, but we want to give you another chance to experience our delicious pheasant breasts at a reduced cost. 

Re-introducing our bulk boneless breasts! We call them “BBBs”! The great thing about BBBs is that it sells for about half the price of A-grade label poultry. It is still our fantastic pheasant, raised and reared the way we raise our birds that get the A-grade label. All of our pheasant products are fed natural grains, and have no hormones or MSG. And, as you know, pheasant is lean and healthy to eat, lower in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol than chicken, turkey, or beef! 

Why would we sell these breasts for about half the cost of A-grade? Well, it’s because the skin doesn’t always look perfect, and the sizes of the breasts aren’t all the same. Does it taste the same? You bet! And, packaged in 5 birds-worth a pack, and 5 packs to a case, it’s quite a deal. This product can be used in sliders, fajitas, burritos, and anywhere you would use pheasant breasts. Restaurants (and discerning cooks at home) would be wise to check out this new product, save some money, and get some rave reviews from customers, (and family!) Give us a call; we’ll hook you up with some of this wonderful BBB. And, check out our recipes, at the links below. I’m sure once you try BBB, you, and your fans, will be asking for more!