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Janesville, Wisconsin, October 22, 2013—Pheasant products from MacFarlane Pheasants offer the winning combination of light but luxurious flavor and the type of healthful profile that appeals to restaurant customers after a season of holiday indulgences. Pheasant is a change-of-pace protein that lends itself to craveable menu items that keep customers coming back for more.

Pheasant has evolved from a specialty game meat to a sophisticated ingredient choice for creating new casual dining classics such as sandwiches, pizza, salads and appetizers. MacFarlane Pheasants offers a variety of foodservice recipes ranging from BBQ Pheasant and Gouda Pizza to Grilled Pheasant Kabobs and Pheasant Dunkers—bite-sized breaded and fried (or baked) pheasant strips that are ready to be dipped in your signature sauces.

Foodservice products from MacFarlane Pheasants are available in convenient options that fit the needs of your operation. Choose from Whole Pheasant, Boneless Pheasant Breasts, Pheasant Airline Breasts and Smoked Pheasant. For catering needs,recipe-ready Fully Cooked Pheasant Breast is a versatile product that simplifies the preparation of light, sophisticated fare.

When you feature MacFarlane Pheasants on your menu, you can assure customers that they’re getting a quality product. Pasture-to-plate oversight makes the MacFarlane difference, with products delivered from a family-owned and operated farm with its own packaging facility. MacFarlane Pheasants has been building its reputation since 1929. Today, MacFarlane Pheasant products are All-Natural third party-certified. The pheasants are humanely handled, and are fed all-natural grains, with no antibiotics or animal by-products.

 For light recipes that can be adapted to a variety of cuisine styles, visit the foodservice section of the MacFarlane Pheasant website at You’ll also find product details, including nutrition information.


As the largest pheasant farm in North America, MacFarlane Pheasants of Janesville, Wis., knows pheasants. Thanks to two generations of expertise at honing the raising of pheasant —and having complete control of the process from pasture to plate—MacFarlane Pheasants offer unmatched quality. This protein- rich power food is packed with superior nutrition, and is conveniently available year round. MacFarlane Pheasants brings elegant cuisine to your menu, with the exquisite flavor nature intended.

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