Pheasant Barbecue Sandwiches Can Be Ready in 15 Minutes!

I love ground pheasant and have shared my recipes for pheasant burgers, pheasant enchiladas, and spaghetti squash pheasant boats in our Pheasant For Dinner blog site in the past. Pheasant chili and many other delicious recipes can be found on our blog site and you can also download MacFarlane’s free Pheasant Recipe Book. Recently, a Sunday night supper included the easiest use of ground pheasant for a delicious 15-minute supper, I have ever experienced! I have to share it with you because it is just further proof that pheasant is not only low fat and delicious, but it can be a quick “go to” meat when you don’t want to spend a lot of time!


Pheasant Barbecue

Serves 4


1 pound ground pheasant

1medium onion

Barbecue sauce-Choose your favorite bottled!


Thaw your ground pheasant. (It comes frozen.)

Chop your onion into small pieces.

Put onions into a fry pan with a little olive oil and cook until tender.

Add pheasant meat to the pan and break it up.

Stay right with your meat as it cooks, as there is not much fat and you don’t want it to burn. Cook thoroughly. You can tell when it is done because the meat takes on a white color.

Add barbecue sauce to taste. I like it to completely cover the meat so that it is juicy!


I served the barbecue on a bun and added a side salad. This is so easy and so good. Like I said, 15 minutes from preparation to the table! MacFarlane Pheasants’ ground pheasant is only one of the many ways to enjoy pheasant. Be sure to visit MacFarlane’s online store for many other ideas.