French Pheasant Salad

6‐8 Boneless MacFarlane Pheasant Breasts
Herbs de Provencal
Garlic powder
Fresh ground black pepper
1 lb. Crave Bros. Mascarpone Cheese at room temp
12 oz. Roth Kase` Crumbled Buttermilk Blue Cheese
1 c. roughly chopped walnuts
2 c. WI sweetened dried cranberries
1 T minced garlic
1 t seasoned salt
2 c. Green Grapes, halved

Light the charcoal or gas grill; bring to med high temperature. Lay out MacFarlane Pheasant Breasts on platter; liberally apply Herbs de Provencal, garlic powder and black pepper; allowing to rest for about 10 min. before grilling. Once grilled, cool breast meat, remove and discard skin then roughly chop. In a large mixing bowl, combine cheeses, walnuts & cranberries, seasoning to taste. Add cooled, chopped pheasant and mix thoroughly. Just prior to serving, fold in grapes. This recipe blossoms with a day or two in the refrigerator; bring to room temperature prior to serving.

Serving option: Omit grapes and serve in phyllo cups as an appetizer.

This recipe is written for restaurants for a group of 15‐20 people as an appetizer. Please modify if your group is smaller.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Yoinai DeKunze

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