Good News for Pheasant Fans: New MacFarlane Fully Cooked Pheasant Breast

Janesville,Wisconsin, April 3, 2012—With today’s emphasis on quality ingredients and farm-fresh foods, MacFarlane Pheasants are a natural for foodservice menus. Discriminating caterers and foodservice operators are already familiar with the product’s rich flavor and texture. Now, new all-natural MacFarlane Fully Cooked Pheasant Breast makes it easy to serve this moist, delicately flavored specialty with a minimum of preparation time. 


Conveniently packaged with 20, five ounceportions per case and two portions per package, Fully Cooked Pheasant Breast isready to adapt to your favorite pheasant recipes. It’s prepared with seasoningsthat complement the natural flavor of pheasant. You’ll appreciate theconsistency and convenience; your customers will appreciate the flavor andmoistness of this natural lean, hearty meat.


MacFarlane Pheasants, the largestpheasant farm in North America, has been family-owned and operated since 1929.With complete pasture-to-plate oversight, MacFarlane is able to offer ahigh-quality gourmet product. The pheasants are fed natural grains and handledhumanely. MacFarlane Pheasants’ own cutting and packaging facility assures thatwhole bird, breast meat, smoked pheasant and other quality pheasant productsmeet the needs of foodservice professionals.


For more information about MacFarlaneFully Cooked Pheasant Breasts and chef inspired recipe ideas such as FrenchPheasant Salad and Pulled Pheasant Sandwiches, visit



As the largest pheasantfarm in North America, MacFarlane Pheasants of Janesville, Wis., knowspheasants with two generations of expertise honing the raising of pheasant — anatural, lean, hearty meat. Having complete control of pheasant from pasture toplate delivers unmatched quality and pure flavor every time. A protein richpower food packed full of superior nutrition is conveniently available yearround. MacFarlane Pheasants brings elegant cuisine to your menu with just theexquisite flavor nature intended.