Unique Easter Basket Ideas from MacFarlane Pheasants

MacFarlane Pheasants has lots of game meats to help you create unique Easter baskets. If you don’t want to create your own basket, why not purchase a gift pack for your special grown up? We have a Multi-Game Pack that offers a variety of game meats, put together especially for the daring! You can purchase elk, alligator, quail, buffalo,venison, duck and our own farm grown pheasant, in our store or online.Obviously, pheasant is our specialty, but pheasant lovers have been known to enjoy trying other unique flavors. Take a look at some ideas in this article and then be sure to visit  for more information about our game meats and so much more. We have delicious recipes featured in our blog posts and all of our favorite game meats available.

The Multi Game Pack offers venison steaks, dressed pheasant, quail,rabbit, and elk steaks. Throw in a chocolate bunny-done! Happy Easter!

Bacon Wrapped Quail is out of this world delicious. Get a pretty basket ready, get some specialty rice from our store, some jelly beans and maybe a bottle of wine and you have created an extraordinary Easter basket!          

The Buffalo Pack has steaks and ground buffalo. Why not throw in a jar of Buffalo Steak Seasoning, a cutout cheese and some of those cute little marshmallow chicks for color! I want that Easter basket! Buffalo has such great flavor.

I have, seriously, only described a few ideas for unique Easter baskets. Visit our Pheasant for Dinner website, click on game meats and check out all the varieties of meats we offer. Don’t forget to check out condiments, and side dishes.

I’m sure you can create endless baskets with the variety of products we offer. We have recipes for game meats in our recipes section. That would be a nice addition to your Easter basket! Please enjoy a visit to our store at 2821 S. Highway 51, Janesville, WI to see our products or order from our online store, if you live too far away. The folks at MacFarlane Pheasants wish you a most blessed Easter and thank you for following our blog. We would appreciate pictures of your Easter baskets on our Facebook page!