'Tis the Season

Fall is a busy time at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.! September through December are the months when we have the most sales, both at our retailstore and in wholesale. We rely on our team effort to make the holiday season a success. Our office and shipping department are working hard and staying organized in order to be sure our food products are ready to be sold and shipped.

We prepare for the holiday season by analyzing our sales from the previous year and then adding 10%. We see an increase in sales of whole birds, and other food items such as airline breasts, and boneless breasts also have improved sales. In addition to the food products, we also need to make sure we have enough packaging material to prepare and ship our packages.

In our office, all new customers are entered into our computer system. All of our orders are checked and double-checked. We make sure that our inventory is updated, and we gather items for the gift packs. Once everything is gathered for the gift packs, the shipping department takes over.

During our off-season, one person can prepare several gift packs alone. During the busy holiday season, however, four or more people are required to prepare the gift packs in order to deliver them to our customers quickly and successfully. All of our gift packs are packed by hand with the food products, two gel packs, and dry ice, which ensures that they will remain frozen during shipping. We sometimes pack up to 300 gift packs in one day that will be shipped all over the United States!

Thursdays are our busiest shipping days for wholesale and Mondays for gift packs, although we do ship on other days, as well. We may ship many pallets, each holding 2000 pounds, in one day.  Each pallet holds about 77 cases, with nine 2.5 - to  3 - pound birds in each case.That’s over 650 birds! To prepare for such large shipments, we make sure our pallets of whole birds and breast meat are full and ready to be shipped.  Our products can be shipped fresh or frozen.We deliver to the Chicago area and to the Chicago airports. Six of our case scan be put into 1 EH container and shipped as cargo on the airplane, so customers can receive their packages fresh and sell them the next day.

MacFarlane Pheasants offers a variety of gift pack options that can be found on There are also other gift ideas, perfect for the upcoming holiday season!