Pheasant Sliders Are a Hit at Party at the Pitts

This is the third year that our farm has entered a cooking contest at an event called, Party at the Pitts, hosted by Diane Hendricks. This event is a yearly fundraiser for Janesville’s own Kandu Industries. Kandu creates opportunities within the community for persons with disabilities or disadvantages and it gives us great pleasure to support them. 

We have lots of reasons to be proud of the 2016 event. Our own Chef Extraordinaire, Sarah Boyd, won the title of “King of the Grill” at this year’s contest. There were 7 chefs in the contest, and about 500 people attended the event. The judges unanimously selected Sarah as the first place chef. We served a lot of the winning dish, “Thai pheasant sliders with papaya slaw and kimchi yogurt”, at the event. We had so much fun sampling all of the other tasty dishes that each chef prepared! We also enjoyed the opportunity to be able to give a little back to our community. 

I got a chance to interview Sarah after the event. Sarah told me she first realized she wanted to be a chef when she accidentally took a culinary class while enrolled in a nursing program! “One class and I was hooked,” she said. “I knew I was a cook when I could make it through service at my first job at Frederick’s Supper Club, without feeling like I was drowning. I started cooking pheasant after I met this amazing chef at a convention. She showed me how versatile pheasant can be.” Sarah is currently a chef at Epic Systems in Madison. Check it out! Sarah is making a unique and interesting contribution to healthy eating on a large scale! 

Sarah also took time to give a shout out to Kerry Ingredients. Kerry is a huge sponsor of Party at the Pitts. They developed a seasoning blend for each chef and chefs used it in their dishes as part of the contest. “This year I got Southwest Asian seasoning, Kimchi seasoning, and Asian pickling seasoning,” Sarah told me. It was obviously a winning combination for Chef Sarah’s pheasant sliders. 

Sarah gave Jason Vogt, of MacFarlane Pheasants, high praise, calling him “amazing.” He designed and built a perfect, sturdy food truck. You might notice, in the picture, that the food truck was titled, “Eat at Bill’s,” referring, of course, to owner and operator of MacFarlane Pheasants, Bill MacFarlane. 

Lastly, Sarah expressed her appreciation for her friend, Summer, who was co-chef for the day, and helped with every bit of the preparation! 

Don’t forget that ground pheasant from MacFarlane Pheasants was the main ingredient in the winning dish at the 2016 Party at the Pitts! Thai pheasant sliders with papaya slaw and Kimchi yogurt rocked. Thank you Chef Sarah Boyd!