Pheasant Lovers Enjoy Finding Other Game Meats at our Retail Store!

It is absolutely true that pheasant is the mainstay of our business! But if you have a taste for game meats, you can order your pheasant meat and several other meats at the same time. We have often mentioned that pheasant is a nutritious and low fat meat choice. We also offer alligator, quail, buffalo, elk, and venison at our online and on-site store at MacFarlane Pheasants.These meats are lower in fat than beef, filled with nutrients, and full of flavor. 

Alligator may be high in calories but it has no saturated fat and the calories are derived from protein rather than fat. 

Quail is high protein, low cholesterol, and filled with vitamins and minerals. 

Buffalo is leaner than beef with a similar taste and texture and it has fewer calories. 

Elk is if also lower in fat than beef or pork. It is sweet and tender with its own distinctive taste. 

Venison has super low cholesterol and almost no saturated fat or carbohydrates. Its distinctive taste appeals to a wide range of palates. 

Now if you are ready to order online or stop in at our store in Janesville you might think about ordering some of these delicious items: 

  • Filet of Alligator
  • Bacon Wrapped Quail
  • Buffalo Filets
  • Elk Steak Pack
  • Buffalo Wieners