Pheasant Eggs Are Delicious for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

We are very excited at MacFarlane Pheasants to begin selling edible pheasant eggs (not fertilized) in our store in Janesville. They are also offered online and will soon be offered in gift packs from our website.


Why choose pheasant eggs? First of all, they are delicious, richer than a chicken egg, and not requiring as much seasoning to get a fabulous taste! Here are some other things you might think about before you place your order.


1.      Pheasant eggs have the same great nutritional value as chicken eggs. They have good amounts of Vitamin B, (good for energy), Vitamin D (to help support bone health), and choline (to assist in cognitive health).

2.      The variety of colors seen in pheasant eggs is appealing. They are beautiful hues of brown and blue. You might not want to color them at Easter, as they are that beautiful.

3.      They stay fresh for 45 days when kept in the refrigerator at 35-40 degrees and in the original carton.

4.      Pheasant eggs are the size of a small chicken egg, so you may want to use an extra egg when preparing a fabulous omelet for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner treat.


If you are interested in ordering large or small quantities of pheasant eggs, please email Rachel at