New Pheasant Brat Flavors Coming Soon!

We have been offering brats for a year or so, but recently we began working with Wilson Farms processing facility to develop a flavor profile for every palette. We provide bulk boneless pheasant breast to Wilson Farms and they make up our brats! Flavors range from sweet and spicy to smoky and savory. The first flavors we taste tested when deciding what future brat offerings might entice you, included:

  • Fajita
  • Cordon Bleu
  • Jamaican Jerk
  • Asiago Bacon Jalapeno
  • Smoked 

MacFarlane taste testers loved them all, but they were especially impressed with the Cordon Bleu Brat! We carried this brat in the past and decided we would definitely continue offering this MacFarlane’s favorite. We have some cheese lovers here and there is a generous amount of cheese inside this brat. So delicious! 

We will also continue offering our traditional Smoked Brat. Its’ mild smoky flavor has been a hit in the past year. The new Fajita Brat is slightly spicy with peppers, onions and Mexican seasonings. How can you resist? 

The Jamaican Jerk Brat is a sweet and spicy brat that has the flavoring of traditional jerk seasonings such as allspice, garlic, and nutmeg. This is my favorite! 

Lastly, the Asiago Bacon Jalapeno Brat is cheesy, smoky, and spicy. Doesn’t everything go better with bacon? 

We hope to develop new and seasonal flavors regularly and would love to have your ideas for a pheasant brat with just the right flavor for you. Please comment on Facebook if you have ideas and we will give it careful consideration. In fact, if your brat idea is selected for production, you will receive a free package of brats!