MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc is Excited About Food Product Sales Growth

MacFarlane Pheasants sells pheasant in many forms from whole pheasant to specialty bratwursts. This specialty artisan meat is a healthy, natural choice for individuals, restaurants, and grocery stores. Each year, more people realize how delicious and enticing pheasant can be as a center of the plate dish. As customers have recognized that pheasant can be a healthy year-round dish, they have bought more pheasant!  That is the simple explanation for sales growth.


But, of course, the simple explanation is not the whole story. We became USDA certified in 2015 and that has allowed us to sell pheasant products world-wide. As any business person knows, if you have a great product, expanding your market will increase sales. Macfarlane Pheasants is also Whole Foods approved, certified through a third party. Our national sales through Whole Foods is an excellent growth component of our business.


Lastly, but no less important, the production and processing of our products is continually improving. We understand better each year what our customers like and make sure their orders are processed effectively and efficiently, Whole birds are our #1 best-selling product, but breast meat, bulk boneless breast products carried by our distributors, and several other options are continuing to interest our buyers.


Be sure to contact Rachel Atherton at 800-345-8348 or email her at to get information about our food product options. She is in charge of Global Marketing and can help you find the products that best meet your needs for delicious, nutritious pheasant!



Food Product Options



Whole Pheasant

Boneless Breasts (either split or whole available)

Pheasant Breasts (either split airline or whole airline available)

Pheasant Half