Grilling Time For Pheasant Lovers!

I have to admit that I am partial to cooking pheasant breasts on the grill (surrounded by a piece of bacon to keep them moist), but I tried a recipe recently that worked out so well I wanted to tell you about it. It includes beer so that might peak your interest!

The first thing I did was pour a beer inside the pheasants and as it leaked out in a bowl I let the pheasants soak for a couple of minutes. While they were soaking, I prepared two tablespoons of thyme, a teaspoon of salt, and a few shakes of ground pepper in a bowl.

I removed the whole pheasants from the beer and shook them off well, before slathering each of them with olive oil. After that I sprinkled them inside and out with the thyme mixture.

Then it was off to the grill! I placed them on the top shelf of my gas grill and left them for about 10 minutes on low flame. I have a four-burner grill, but only turned on two burners. When I checked them, the skin was beautifully crisp so I left two burners of the grill turned on but set the pheasants on the side of the grill without a flame and shut the lid. After about 40 minutes, I put them back on the shelf above the flame.

While the pheasant was cooking, I chopped potatoes, onion and kale. I seasoned them with salt and pepper and wrapped them in tin foil. So, when I put the pheasant back on the shelf, I put the potato mixture on the hot side of the grill. Twenty minutes later, I put the pheasant and the potato mixture in a pan and brought them inside. Ten minutes later I served dinner for four and it was scrumptious. I do love pheasant meat. I loved the crisp skin and tender, moist insides. It’s grilling time and this sure made me love the process.

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