Grilled Pheasant Kabobs Hit The Spot

There is nothing more satisfying on a crisp fall day than grilled pheasant kabobs! These kabobs are crisp, because they are wrapped in bacon, moderately hot, because they are made with jalapeño peppers, and so easy to prepare!  

You can purchase MacFarlane’s pheasant breast in our store at 2821 South HWY 51 in Janesville, Wisconsin or order them online.  You can also find our pheasant at most Whole Food’s stores located all over the United States. 

Once you get your pheasant, you are 45 minutes away from a delicious treat. You can get a free copy of our Pheasant Cookbook by downloading it from  When you download our cookbook you will find that it is filled with appetizers, entrées, soups and salads that feature MacFarlane pheasant. But first things first, let me share how easy it is to make pheasant kabobs. 


Here’s What You Need: 

Pheasant Breast Strips (1-1 1/2 pounds)

Jar of jalapeño peppers (4 ounces)

Bacon (12 slices cut into thirds)

Bamboo skewers (Soak  6 of them in water) 

Here Is What To Do: 

1.     Marinate your pheasant breast strips in the jalapeño juice for 20 minutes. 

2.     While your pheasant is marinating, preheat your grill to medium heat (lightly oil the grate when you are ready to put the skewers on the grill). 

3.     Drain the marinade, put a slice of jalapeño pepper on each pheasant strip, wrap it with a bacon strip and place it on the skewer. Four to six wraps should fit on each skewer. 

4.     Place your kabobs on the grill and turn frequently for about 15 minutes until the bacon is crisp. 

5.     Serve immediately!

 Please share your experience on our Facebook page. We love to hear your experiences, cooking with MacFarlane’s pheasant.