Find out the Best New Restaurant Serving MacFarlane Pheasant and Meet the Chef!

We are proud to recognize Chef Phillip Rodriguez at Graft Madison in Madison, Wisconsin. One of the dishes he prepares with exceptional expertise is pheasant from the MacFarlane farm. Let me make your mouth water by describing his preparation of this dish!

Chef Rodriguez marinates the pheasant in grainy mustard and olive oil. The pheasant is then seared on its skin side until golden brown. It goes into the oven at 550 degrees with stock made from bones that have been removed. After 10 minutes in the oven, the pheasant is ready to be served on a puree of celery root and grilled kohlrabi. When in season it will be garnished with mustard flowers and nasturtium leaves. This delicious choice is one of the large plate options at Graft.

Chef Rodriguez is the Executive Chef at Graft Madison. His passion for all elements of food preparation started in his grandmother’s kitchen, expanded when working with his mom in a local restaurant and then flourished while attending culinary school in El Paso, Texas. Chef Rodriguez credits his experience working with outstanding chefs in Austin and Chicago as the springboard for his growth and success as a chef.  He praises them for helping him hone his craft and develop as an artisan and technician.

Graft Madison, located at 18 N.Carroll St., has only been open since July of 2015 but it has already been given rave reviews. Graft is a small plate restaurant (plates to share) inspired by fantastic wine and fresh Midwest ingredients. They are particularly proud of their relationships with farmers, growers, and producers, including MacFarlane Pheasants.

Chef Rodriguez’s passion for preparation and presentation, and the beautiful service and style at Graft are what make a visit to this new restaurant an experience for any special occasion. Be sure to try the pheasant!