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Boar Recipes

Wild Boar is distinctly different from domestic pork, although related and can taste somewhat similar. Those who love park, will enjoy the slightly nutty, sweet flavor of Wild Boar. 

Cooking Tips:

Remove fat and any silver membrane from boar meat before cooking. Boar is cooked very much in the same way as ordinary pork, so if you have a favorite pork recipe, it can be adapted to boar fairly easily. It is even leaner than domestic pork, however, so cooking times should be reduced to keep the meat from drying out. The key temperature is 155 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Select from the following list of boar recipes.

Wild Boar with Ancho Chilies, Pineapple, and Taramrind

Boar Tenderloin with Honey Dill Mustard Sauce

Wild Boar Kabob with Cranberry Orange BBQ-shish kabob