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Janesville, Wisconsin, September 18, 2013—If you’re looking for ways to create celebration-worthy menu specialties for the holiday season, look no further.  Pheasant products from MacFarlane Pheasants offer the winning combination of light but luxurious flavor and the healthful profile your clientele expect. With today’s farm-to-table sensibility,consumers also appreciate knowing that MacFarlane Pheasants are raised on a farm that has been family-owned and operated since 1929, and are humanely handled, free-roaming in spacious barns. 

With its high-quality image, pheasant makes just the right menu impression. It also appeals to health-conscious customers who are looking for light, sophisticated fare. Traditionally a specialty game meat, pheasant is now a contemporary protein choice for everything from casual dining appetizers to fine dining entrees. It’s available in a variety of convenient styles from MacFarlane Pheasants. Food service product options include Whole Pheasant,Boneless Pheasant Breasts, Pheasant Airline Breasts and Smoked Pheasant. For catering needs, Fully Cooked Pheasant Breast is ideal during the busy holiday season. 

When you feature MacFarlane Pheasants, you can be confident that you are offering a protein that is All-Natural third party-certified and fed all-natural grains. This year, get inspired by the menu versatility of pheasant. Chef Andrew Newberg of Taste To Go Catering in Des Moines, IA,created his memorable seasonal pheasant recipe—Pan-Seared Pheasant with Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Barley, Candied Beets and Beer-Carrot Emulsion—featuring some of today’s favorite flavors. MacFarlane Pheasant Breast is accompanied by barley that is seasoned with coriander and chopped parsley; candied baby golden and baby red beets; brussels sprouts roasted in soybean oil; and an emulsion made with light beer, cooked carrots, butter, water and coriander. The MacFarlane Pheasant Breast is cooked in a hot skillet with soybean oil for 3 minutes, flipped over, and then cooked with butter and beer until it reaches an internal temperature of 150°F. The finished dish is plated with sliced Pheasant Breast, vegetables and barley, then drizzled with carrot-beer emulsion.

 You’ll find Chef Newberg’s recipe and other pheasant ideas, as well as product details and nutrition information, on the MacFarlane Pheasant website at www.pheasandfordinner.com.


As the largest pheasant farm in North America, MacFarlane Pheasants of Janesville,Wis., knows pheasants. Thanks to two generations of expertise at honing the raising of pheasant —and having complete control of the process from pasture to plate—MacFarlane Pheasants offer unmatched quality. This protein- rich power food is packed with superior nutrition, and is conveniently available year round. MacFarlane Pheasants brings elegant cuisine to your menu, with the exquisite flavor nature intended.

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