FAQ About Pheasant Meat | Tips To Cook Pheasant

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is it hard to prepare?

No, the trick to cooking pheasant is to cook it at a lower heat at a longer amount of time. Cooking it slowly will prevent the pheasant from drying out. Coating the pheasant with butter or olive oil will also help keep the moisture in the bird. Cooking the pheasant in a crock pot is also an easy way to maintain the moisture and tastiness. Many people are also using bags for roasting the pheasant.

Q: What is the proper way to defrost pheasant?

The proper way to defrost is to refrigerate for 24 hours or until completely thawed. If you need to defrost it quickly, we recommend submerging the bird in a tub of hot water.

Q: What is the best way to store pheasant?

The best way to store pheasant is to freeze the bird.

Q: How long will thawed pheasant last in the refrigerator?

We recommend cooking the pheasant within 24 hours after the bird is completely thawed.

Q: Can I freeze fresh pheasant products?

Yes, simply put the fresh pheasant products in your freezer. When you would like to use the product, pull it out of the freezer and transfer it to your refrigerator to thaw the product.

Q: Can I cook two whole birds at the same time?

Are the cooking instructions the same?

Yes, you can make the pheasants at the same time. Make sure you have plenty of extra fat on each bird to contain the moisture of the bird.

Q: Can I cook a whole pheasant with stuffing?

Absolutely, stuffing adds extra flavor to the pheasant. We recommend rice, vegetables and a blend of herbs to give the pheasant a tastier flavor!

Q: What do I do with the giblets from a whole pheasant?

We have used the cut up giblets in the stuffing or gravy, they are edible and can be boiled and ate as well. Many people simply discard the giblets.

Q: How do I get crispy skin when preparing a whole pheasant?

Coating the bird with butter will help create a brown, crisp skin. Feel free to use as much butter as you would like, as it will add to the moisture of the bird.

Q: Can I make a whole pheasant on a rotisserie?

Yes, you can cook the pheasant in the rotisserie but remember to cook it on a low heat for a longer time so the bird does not dry out. Also coat your bird with some extra fat, whether it is olive oil or butter.

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Miscellaneous Pheasant FAQs

Q: How nutritional is pheasant? Is it healthy to eat?

Yes, pheasant is healthy to eat. When compared with chicken, domestic turkey or beef, pheasant is lower in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.

Q: Is there any MSG in MacFarlane Pheasant products?

There is no MSG in any of our MacFarlane Pheasant products.

Q: What are your pheasants fed?

Our pheasants are fed natural grains.

Q: Do you give your pheasants hormones?

Our feed is made up of natural grains; there are no antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. We do not inject with water or flavor enhancers.