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July 2014 Energy Park Chef Makes Pheasant Sliders At State Fair
November 2013 Filling the Center of the Plate
November 2013 Skip the Turkey, Buy a Pheasant 
November 2013 FSR Magazine: Food Fest: MacFarlane Pheasant with Black Cardamom Streusel
October 2013 Brownfield Network- Wisconsin Soybean Pod toPlate Tour
September 2013 Restaurant Business - MacFarlane Pheasants offers recipe ideas throughout the fall and especially on National Roast Pheasant Day, October 15
August 2013 Chef Mirabile Shares Pheasant Recipes Online
July 2013 Chefs stir up ideas during Culinary Federation convention in Las Vegas
June 2013 The National Culinary Review - Game Change - Chefs are taking game birds to new heights on the menu
March 2013 What's Cooking, Food with Taste - Pheasant for Dinner
March 2013 Gastro Traveling - Pheasant for Dinner
March 2013 The Daily Meal - Pheasant for Dinner
January 2013 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Wisconsin's MacFarlane Pheasants Farm has Global Reach Link
December 2012 WKOW TV - Executive Chef Andy Nighbor of Fresh Madison Market - Tips to Cook with MacFarlane Pheasant
November 2012 Janesville Gazette - MacFarlane Pheasants Boasts Customers Nationwide
October 2012 WCLO/WJVL - MacFarlane Pheasants on “Ag Matters” Talk Show
September 2012 Catering Magazine - Features MacFarlane Fully Cooked Pheasant
June 2012 WKOW TV - Chef Jim Rude shares a Fresh Take on Summer Dishes using MacFarlane Pheasants
June 2012 - All pheasant is not created equal: ask for MacFarlane Pheasant by name
April 2012 – Gives MacFarlane Fully Cooked Pheasant Breast Rave Reviews


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Past Events

November 3, 2012 Tantalize your Taste Buds
Free Fall Tasting, MacFarlane Pheasants Retail Store, Janesville, Wis.
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