About Our Fine MacFarlane Pheasant

Light and Luxurious MacFarlane Pheasant

Discover MacFarlane Pheasant — a natural, lean, hearty meat with superb flavor and superior nutrition. This specialty artisan meat is a healthy, natural choice astute food-lovers’ will savor and persnickety food service professionals will appreciate the consistent quality.

Choose from traditional whole pheasant to convenient to fully cooked products. MacFarlane Pheasants offers a wide variety of fresh and frozen offerings, sizes and customized options available for food service professionals through a trusted local distributor or direct.

Whatever your idea for menuing pheasant, MacFarlane Pheasants offers the convenience and consistency you need, including:

Pheasant - Ready to Cook (raw)

  • Whole Pheasant
  • Smoked Pheasant
  • Boneless Breasts (either split or whole available)
  • Pheasant Breasts (either split airline or whole airline available)
  • Pheasant Half
  • Pheasant Thigh Meat
  • Pheasant Leg Quarters
  • Pheasant Soup Bones
  • Pheasant Breast Trim
  • Pheasant Pot Pies
  • Pheasant Bratwursts
  • Pheasant Eggs

Pheasant - Fully to Cook (heat and serve)